Foreign Publications in which Mr. Qasuri is mentioned,at length:

• Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan, written by Prof. Stanley Wolpert, UCLA

• The Pakistan People’s Party Rise to Power, written by Prof. Dr. Philip E. Jones, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, USA.

• Bhutto, a political biography, written by Salmaan Taseer

• A Judiciary in Crises, written by Justice T.W. Rajaratnam of Sri Lanka.

• Bhutto Trial and Execution, written by Victoria Schofield, President of Oxford Union and Senior Correspondent BBC.

• Working with Zia, written by General KM Arif, COAS.

• The New Pakistan, written by Prof. Dr. Satish Kumar, Johar Lal Nehro University, New Delhi.

• Not a Nice Man to Know, written by Khushwant Singh, Editor Hindustan Times and former member Indian Parliament.

• A Shot History of Pakistan, written by MD Zafar

• We Have Learnt Nothing From History, written by Air Marshal M Ashghar Khan.

• Ayub, Bhutto and Zia, written by Syed Shabir Hussain, Resident Editor of Pakistan Times.

• Biographical Encyclopedia of Pakistan Edition 1984-85, written by Thawar Ali Khan.


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